ASRock motherboards are well-known for being fast and dependable. They have lots of different features for different needs. But sometimes, just like any other tech, they can have problems. One common issue is with the Wi-Fi not working right.

If your Asrock motherboard’s WiFi isn’t working, make sure the antenna is connected well, update drivers, and check if your router settings match your motherboard’s WiFi requirements.

In this article, we will discuss “Asrock Motherboard Wifi Not Working”.

Introduction to ASRock Motherboards:

Introduction to ASRock Motherboards:
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ASRock is a leading manufacturer of motherboards known for its innovation and quality. Their motherboards often integrate various features, including Wi-Fi capabilities, catering to the needs of diverse users.

Understanding Wi-Fi Functionality in ASRock Motherboards:

ASRock motherboards come equipped with integrated Wi-Fi modules or support for Wi-Fi expansion cards. These components enable users to connect to wireless networks effortlessly, providing convenience and flexibility.

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Common Issues with ASRock Motherboard Wi-Fi:

1. Connectivity Problems

Sometimes, ASRock motherboard Wi-Fi may fail to establish a stable connection with wireless networks. This issue can stem from signal interference, router configuration, or software conflicts.

2. Driver Issues

Outdated or corrupted Wi-Fi drivers can hinder the functionality of ASRock motherboards. Driver conflicts or improper installations may lead to Wi-Fi instability or complete failure.

3. Hardware Malfunctions

Hardware components such as antennas or Wi-Fi modules may encounter defects or physical damage, resulting in Wi-Fi issues on ASRock motherboards.

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Troubleshooting ASRock Motherboard Wi-Fi Not Working:

1. Checking Wi-Fi Settings

Begin troubleshooting by verifying Wi-Fi settings in the operating system. Ensure that Wi-Fi is enabled and that the correct network is selected.

2. Updating Drivers

Update Wi-Fi drivers to the latest version provided by ASRock or the chipset manufacturer. Properly installed and updated drivers enhance compatibility and performance.

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3. Hardware Inspection

Inspect hardware components such as antennas and Wi-Fi modules for any visible damage or loose connections. Securely attach antennas and ensure proper seating of Wi-Fi modules.

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Advanced Troubleshooting Steps:

Advanced Troubleshooting Steps:
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1. BIOS Update

Consider updating the motherboard BIOS to the latest version available. BIOS updates may include optimizations or fixes related to Wi-Fi functionality.

2. Antenna Inspection

Examine Wi-Fi antennas for damage or misalignment. Proper antenna positioning can significantly improve signal strength and stability.

3. Testing Wi-Fi Card

If possible, test the Wi-Fi card on another system to determine if the issue persists. This helps isolate whether the problem lies with the motherboard or the Wi-Fi card itself.

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How do I fix my Wi-Fi on my motherboard?

To fix Wi-Fi issues related to your motherboard, you can try the following steps:

1. Check Wi-Fi Antennas: Ensure that the Wi-Fi antennas are properly connected to the designated ports on your motherboard. Sometimes loose connections can cause signal problems.

2. Update Drivers: Make sure that you have the latest drivers installed for your motherboard’s Wi-Fi adapter. You can usually find these drivers on the manufacturer’s website.

3. Restart Router and Modem: Sometimes, the issue might not be with your motherboard but with your router or modem. Try restarting both of them to see if it resolves the issue.

4. Reset Network Settings: You can also try resetting your network settings on your computer. This will reset all network configurations to their default settings and might help resolve any conflicts.

5. Check for Interference: Make sure there are no electronic devices or physical obstructions causing interference with the Wi-Fi signal.

6. BIOS Update: Check if there are any BIOS updates available for your motherboard. Sometimes, updating the BIOS can resolve hardware compatibility issues.

7. Test Wi-Fi Adapter: If none of the above steps work, you may need to test the Wi-Fi adapter on another computer to see if it’s functioning properly. If it’s not, you may need to replace the adapter.

8. Contact Support: If you’re still experiencing issues, consider contacting the manufacturer’s support for further assistance. They may be able to provide specific troubleshooting steps or even replace the motherboard if it’s still under warranty.

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Asrock Motherboard Wifi Not Working After Reset?

If the Wi-Fi on your Asrock motherboard isn’t working after a reset, try reinstalling drivers, checking antenna connections, and updating BIOS. If issues persist, contact Asrock support for further assistance.

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Asrock B760m Wifi Not Working?

If the Wi-Fi isn’t working on your Asrock B760M motherboard, verify the antenna connection. Update drivers and BIOS. If problems persist, consider contacting Asrock support for additional troubleshooting guidance.

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Asrock B450m/Ac Wifi Not Working?

If the Wi-Fi isn’t working on your Asrock B450M/AC motherboard, ensure the antenna is properly connected. Update drivers and BIOS. If issues persist, consider contacting Asrock support for further assistance.

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Asrock Z690m-Itx/Ax Wifi Not Working?

If the Wi-Fi isn’t working on your Asrock Z690M-ITX/AX motherboard, check the antenna connections. Update drivers and BIOS. If problems persist, consider contacting Asrock support for further troubleshooting assistance.

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Asrock Z790 Itx Wifi Not Working?

If the Wi-Fi on your Asrock Z790 ITX motherboard isn’t working, ensure the antenna is connected properly. Update drivers and BIOS. If issues persist, consider contacting Asrock support for further assistance.

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Asrock Motherboard Wifi Not Working Windows 11.

Asrock Motherboard Wifi Not Working Windows 11.
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If your Asrock motherboard’s Wi-Fi isn’t working on Windows 11, try updating your drivers first. If the issue persists, check if the Wi-Fi module is properly connected and consider contacting Asrock support.


1. How Do I Enable Wi-Fi On My Onboard Bios?

To enable Wi-Fi in your onboard BIOS, restart your computer and enter the BIOS setup by pressing a specific key (like Del or F2) during startup. Look for a setting related to Wi-Fi or wireless connectivity and enable it.

2. Does Asrock Motherboard Have Wi-Fi?

No, Asrock motherboards do not typically have Wi-Fi built-in. You usually need to add a separate Wi-Fi module or use a Wi-Fi adapter for wireless connectivity.

3. Why My Wi-Fi Adapter Is Not Working?

If your Wi-Fi adapter isn’t working, check if the driver is installed properly, ensure the adapter is enabled in device settings, and verify if there are any physical connection issues.

4. B550 Phantom Gaming-Itx/Ax Wifi/Bt Disappeared?

If B550 Phantom Gaming-ITX/AX Wi-Fi/BT disappears, troubleshoot by updating Wi-Fi/BT drivers, checking BIOS settings for disabled devices, and ensuring proper physical connections of antennas and components.

5. Asrock H370m-Itx/Ac Wifi Not Working, Not Even Showing In Device Manager?

If Asrock H370M-ITX/AC Wi-Fi not working or showing in Device Manager, try reinstalling Wi-Fi drivers, checking BIOS settings for Wi-Fi activation, and ensuring the Wi-Fi adapter is properly connected.

6. New Pc With Wifi Motherboard But No Wifi Option:

If a new PC has a Wi-Fi motherboard but no Wi-Fi option, ensure Wi-Fi drivers are installed correctly. Check BIOS settings for Wi-Fi activation. Consider compatibility issues or hardware defects with the Wi-Fi adapter.

7. Onboard Lan On B650e Pg Riptide Wifi Not Working?

The onboard LAN on B650E PG Riptide Wi-Fi not working. Troubleshoot by checking cable connections, updating LAN drivers, restarting the router, and ensuring proper configuration in device settings.

8. How Do I Get Wifi Function Work After My System Resumes From Sleep Mode On X299 Platform?

To make Wi-Fi work after the system wakes from sleep mode on the X299 platform, try updating Wi-Fi drivers, adjusting power settings to prevent sleep mode for the Wi-Fi adapter, and checking router compatibility.

9. Wi-Fi Not Working On My Asrock Computer?

My Asrock computer Wi-Fi not working. Try to fix it by checking the Wi-Fi button, restarting the computer, and making sure the router is closed. If problem still, check the Wi-Fi settings on the computer.

10. Z590 Extreme Widi 6e Asrock Motherboard Wifi Not Working?

Z590 Extreme Wi-Fi 6E ASRock motherboard experiencing Wi-Fi issues. Troubleshoot by updating drivers, checking antenna connections, and verifying router compatibility for optimal performance.


In conclusion, addressing Wi-Fi issues on ASRock motherboards involves simple steps like checking antenna connections, updating drivers, and ensuring proper BIOS settings. If problems persist, contacting ASRock support for further assistance is advisable. These troubleshooting measures help users resolve common connectivity issues effectively.

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